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Moving House

It's Moving Day!

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Moving is exciting but lets be honest, it is also extremely stressful! Home of the Pines can relieve some of that stress by giving your home a deep clean. Deep Cleaning is essential, especially if you are putting your home on the market or hoping to get your deposit back from your rental. A deep clean puts the best "face" on your space because it is a thorough clean from top to bottom.  It also eases the stress of moving into a new home knowing it  has been detail cleaned and disinfected  before your family arrives.

Move In & Out Clean Includes:

Vent Cleaning

*Filters & Light Bulbs Changed (if necessary)

Fans, Lights,  Light Switches, Outlets

Window Cleaning (inside) & Blinds Dusted

All Framing, Doors, & Baseboards Cleaned

All Counters, Cabinets (inside & out), & Sinks Cleaned

All Floors Swept & Mopped or Vacuumed

All Kitchen Appliances Cleaned (inside, outside, behind-if safe to move)

Bathroom tub, shower, toilet, & sinks cleaned

All Cobwebs Removed & *Garage Swept Out

*All Garbage or Unwanted Items Removed

*Fees may be applicable.


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